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Systems Engineering
  • The primary members of QED Systems, LLC have a broad background in a variety of Systems Engineering projects in support of our US Army customers.
  • Specific recent applicable experience includes:
    • Support in system design, development, testing, Certification, PDR/CDR, and fielding.
    • Direct support to various Programming Office related to the emerging C4ISR systems.
    • Systems Engineering, Integration, Analysis and Test Related support.
    • On-going support of advanced C2 concepts and development efforts.
    • Advanced POS/NAV systems engineering support.

Laboratory & Field Instrumentation, Data Collection, Reduction, & Analysis (DCRA)
  • On-going support of requirements definition and field testing associated with the Data Collection, Reduction, and Analysis (DCRA) tools. This activity has included direct support to DCRA deployments to various C4ISR related
  • The Data Collection and Analysis Tool (DCAT2) in wide use by a variety of RDT&E activities was conceived of and created by members of the QED Systems, LLC team.
  • On-going instrumentation, analysis and experimentation support both in the laboratory and in the field.
  • Extensive background in the creation of databases and tools to process, reduce, extract, and present network performance related data in a time synchronized distributed data collection environment.

Modeling & Simulation
  • Experience in the deployment of OneSAF at a scale large enough to support Brigade size activities and integration of OneSAF into laboratory environment.
  • On-going experience in the configuration and deployment of Scalable Network Technology’s Qualnet tool in the form of the Communications Effects Server – a scalable communications effects model hosted on a high performance Linux-cluster environment.
  • QED Systems, LLC personnel are the original authors of a complex physics-based M&S application known as the “Sensor Effects Model (SEM).” SEM is a suite of sensor and sensor data fusion models appropriate for supporting live/virtual C4ISR related experimentation/test.

Analytical Support
  • Extensive background in the data reduction and analysis tools related to distributed data collection and data processing especially adept in the area of clock modeling, time synchronization, and data network performance analysis (e.g.; packet/message latencies through the network, packet/message completion rates, traffic characterization, etc.)
  • Creation of data products and methodologies to expose the performance metrics of complex systems of systems is one of our specialties.